When I first heard about it I was interested. My girlfriend said it's bullshit. Her son, a 12 yr old ultimate trash food advocate thought otherwise. He attended a couple of classes and brought enough food home to feed his mother. In less than a week her chronic depression didn't appear to be affecting her. Over a year has passed and her quality of health continues to improve.

I found my own positive results and thought I would share them with Paul. He laughed and said I should invest my time in something more important than another bullshit network marketing trap.

This page will grow as the experiences around me do. I hardly think that people defeating kidney failure, acute diabetes, alzheimer's, cancer, lupus and many other conditions in a matter of weeks at times is really all that funny, but in a way it really is. In a droll way it's very very funny.

Concept    Opposition

Regeneration is a concept that your body has the innate ability to balance and repair itself through nutrition. This nutrition must come from whole foods.

I wanted to test this philosophy on myself a bit before spouting off on how great everything was. You must understand that everybody's response to concentrated whole food nutrition is as different as each individuals genetic makeup. First off you must know that the history of my personal health has not been great. As an infant at the age of 2 I was hospitalized with an acute appendicitis. In a couple of weeks I had the measles which was followed by severe measles which was followed by the mumps and through a large portion of my life I have had some sort of continuous health issues.

When I initially started eating the foods my first response was a feeling a tingling in my legs. I felt energy almost immediately. After six weeks I felt a truer sense of energy and mental clarity. After two months I started cleaning. Head aches... sinus drainage.. cough which lasted about 3 weeks as well as a rash on the side of my leg which continued to drain for about 6 weeks covered most of the lower part of my leg from the bottom part of my calve to my ankle. Funny thing is that when the rash went away so did the sore spot on my heel which had been there for over 7 years.

At 5 months I dropped 30 pounds. I found my mental stamina to increase. My typing, reading and playing of the guitar including speed, dexterity and recovery improved noticeably.

By 8 months my need for sleep cut down to 6 hours a day. Nearing a years anniversary it appeared while not verified that I am regenerating new teeth. That will be seen shortly. As my skin softens and wrinkles appear to fade I'm often told that I am looking younger. At 15 months I have resumed running after a 9 year break due to health problems and injuries. Every time that I attempted to start running in the past it always resulted in some from of injury or my body would just get sick and i would be out of commission from some form of lung related illness. Since starting my running program I have noticed that on certain days I may feel an old running injury coming up only to find that in a couple of days it goes away. I ran 42 days straight without problems and just finished a 10k race (11 13 05).

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