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"Wire Tech"

I came into the studio on 12/28/03 to find a machine alarm going off. I had no way to turn it off so as I went on with my daily activities, the alarm continued. Soon I found myself hearing counter rhythms and sounds to the alarm.

A Neumann U87 aprox. 20 ft. from the alarm and recorded about 5 minutes worth. 

Original Recording LoFi

Original Recording HiFi

Then in real time e.q. was added/subtracted in large bands. 

Mix 1 lofi

Mix 1 hifi

Again did the same thing again, playing the eqs like one would play notes on an instrument. 

Mix 2 lofi

Mix 2 hifi

Then  recorded some folk guitar chords, played it backwards and added some effects. 



One pass of open string harmonics



Then all was mixed with 2 e-bow parts. 

"Wire Tech Mix lofi"

"Wire Tech Mix hifi"

That's basically all you will find on this page. The deep dark facts...

Come back, there will surely be other dissections performed in the lab on future occasions. So be sure to wear your coat.