Drollmusic Discography

Improvisation by Droll


Our 2nd release includes early version "Lie On It", "Bad Stuff" & "Substandard Suite (Instrumental)


$7.99 includes shipping & handling

Lie On It by Droll

Lie On It

 A single with all the makings. "Lie On It" from beginning to end. Takes you behind the scenes and reveals many truths.


$7.99 includes shipping & handling

Preroll....... droll by Droll

Preroll....... droll

 A trip into the world of droll, before droll to droll. What could have gone on  to provoke such droll behavior? Includes early version "Behind".


$10.99 includes shipping & handling

Improvisation11 by Droll

Improvisation 11

A collection of eleven droll classics including full versions of both vocal & inst. "Substandard Suite".  Parental Advisory


$8.99 includes shipping & handling

Experiment Set by Droll

Experimental Set

The results of a more experimental nature. Not always what you think. Parental Advisory


$8.99 includes shipping & handling

Instrumental by Droll


Unwind... take off your shoes and set a spell. Able to take you in and out of reality in seconds.


$8.99 includes shipping & handling